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Prerequisites & Setup Instructions:

  1. VS 2012
  2. NuGet Package Manager
  3. SpecFlow
  4. WatiN

If you get any missing dll , please add that using NuGet Package Manager . Know how to manage packages using NuGet.

Follow the following steps:

  • OpenLibrary.SpecFLow >Steps
  • CreateANewPublisherSteps.cs >GivenIAmLoggedIntoTheSiteAsAnAdministrator method.
  • Then change the url accordingly(Browsers.Current.GoTo("")).
  • Now build and start.

Future Editions:

This project is planned to have a wide range of individual editions, each of which will be focused on ASP.NET MVC4 or later, jQuery Ajax (RIA), WebAPI, WCF, Node.js, Azure Service Platform (Cloud) etc.

How to Run The Test:

Apply the following steps:







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